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Nalco Water, an Ecolab company, offers mining and mineral processing solutions that combine over 50 years of expertise in mining chemicals, mining automation, and mining control technology.  With our best-in-class service provided by over 100 Mining sales and service engineers, Nalco Water offers a global network of mining and mineral processing experts, research and development laboratories, and world-class training programmes. Contact us today for more information.

Mining and Mineral Processing Innovations

Watershed Technology
WaterShed Tailings Dewatering Technology
WaterShed technology allows the mining industry a higher degree of operational flexibility and significantly lower start-up costs than a traditional tailings management solution.
Mining and Mineral Processing Road Dust Control
Road Dust Control

Nalco Water offers a comprehensive range of humectant, binder, and resin based products for road dust control. Improve efficiency and reduce frequency of treatment.

Mining and Mineral Processing Frothers

Finding the right frother for your froth flotation processes involves balancing the strength to support the maximum particle load, while maintaining mobility to maximise your mass recovery rate. Our offerings deliver measurable results.

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