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Mild Steel and Carbon Steel Corrosion Inhibitor

Optimise production while minimising downtime with the non-phosphorus corrosion inhibition programme from Nalco Water. This innovative programme controls corrosion and scaling, allowing cooling water systems to reach higher cycles of concentration with higher pH without compromising performance. 

The non-phosphorus 3DT337 programme withstands high cycles and long holding-time indices to offer constant protection in a range of applications. Delivering superior performance in varying water conditions, 3DT337 performs in the market’s widest operating window, including high-conductivity water with high levels of chlorides.

Mild Steel and Carbon Steel Corrosion Control

Optimise production and minimise downtime with the Nalco Water non-phosphorus corrosion inhibition programme. 

Non-Phosphorus Programme Reduces Corrosion Rate by 70%

Nalco Water’s innovative non-phosphorus chemistry programme (3DT337) helps a North American mini mill improve asset reliability and extend asset life.

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Learn more about Nalco Water’s innovative phosphorous-free and low-phosphorus programs for mild-steel corrosion control and scaling inhibition that perform in the industry’s widest operating window. With the ability to withstand high cycles and long holding-time indices, these programs prolong asset life and reliability by providing constant corrosion protection and reduced scale in critical systems.