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3D TRASAR™ Caster Technology

Nalco Water’s 3D TRASAR Caster Technology is aimed at the steel industry. It is designed to reduce corrosion rates in the spray chambers of Continuous Casters producing large Blooms, Slabs and Rounds. 3D TRASAR Caster Technology works to minimise caster maintenance, maximise the asset life of molds, rolls and segments, increase productivity, reduce spray nozzle blockages and improve product quality. Furthermore, it enhances safety and optimizes total cost of operations.


Advanced Analytics of Your Systems

Thanks to its advanced monitoring and control system, 3D TRASAR Caster Technology presents itself as a valuable proposition for the steel making customers. It recognizes stress conditions and creates actionable insights, reacting immediately to re-establish chemical equilibrium, ultimately allowing the control and protection of critical steel-industry process parameters. With this new technology Nalco Water, is combining R&D led design, market intelligence and core continuous caster process optimization expertise to delivering better business results for the steel industry.

Metal Rolling

Customer Success Stories

Two of Nalco Water’s major steel-making customers are already reaping the benefits of this new technology, with confirmed reduction of $250 K and $400K in Total Cost of Operation annually, following successful implementation of the technology.
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