Empowering Best-In-Class Food Safety for True Food Kitchen


As businesses increasingly prioritize ethical operations, supplier partnerships become both an area of increased scrutiny and an opportunity to bring an organisation’s values to life.

True Food Kitchen is a U.S.-based restaurant chain focused on delicious, flavorful food and conscious nutrition. Each location uses anti-inflammatory-rich ingredients in meals prepared in view of diners. With an emphasis on health, the safety of their food is their highest priority. True Food Kitchen was seeking a solution that would help them keep their customers and employees safe, while maintaining environmentally conscious operations.


Not only do proper food safety techniques help protect customers, they also can improve productivity. Using Ecolab solutions like the Daydots™ Prep-n-Print™Systems, True Food Kitchen eliminated a time-consuming, manual labeling process, making sure that the shelf life and nutritional value of every ingredient is accounted for.

Food safety extends beyond food prep to the dishes that carry each meal. To ensure True Food Kitchen’s dishes were spotless, Ecolab installed the SMARTPOWER™ programme on its dishmachines, to remove stains with a shorter, less water-intensive wash cycle.

To increase water savings further, Ecolab upgraded True Food Kitchen’s water softeners. By replacing older, less efficient “whole house” filtration, the new Point-of-Use filtration system targets specific applications, reducing daily water use.


Ultimately, with the support of Ecolab’s solutions, True Food Kitchen can focus on what it does best: keeping customers satisfied and safe with healthy meals, all while saving time and upholding its sustainability pledge.

True Food Kitchen case study eROI savings

Featured Solutions

  • SMARTPOWER™ Programme
  • Daydots™ Prep-n-Print™ Systems; Prep-n-Print™ flex
  • High capacity water softening, Point-of-Use model
  • GREASELIFT™ Degreaser