Choose from a full range of presaturated cleanroom wipes that can help reduce risk and save time and costs

Available in a wide range of sterile formats the Ecolab Klerwipe 70 | 30 IPA Range provides an extensive choice for hard surfaces in cleanrooms and production environments.

Researching wipes for your cleanroom? Here are key considerations when making your choice:

Selection of Klercide Wipes
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Wipes Can Help Increase Productivity
  • By using presaturated wipes, your operators are ready to start as soon as the package is opened. This means less time spent spraying and wiping, and fewer items to transfer into your cleanroom.
  • Using wipes can also reduce strain caused by repetitive motions that may come from trigger spray use.
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Reduced Risk
  • Presaturated wipes can help ensure consistent application of IPA to the surface
  • Consistent application enhances surface coverage by the IPA
  • Greater surface coverage helps reduce the risk of missing contamination on surfaces
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Fit for Purpose
  • Each cleanroom classification can call for different quality standards. Ecolab offers sterile wipes for high-grade cleanrooms through to lower grade and non-classified areas
  • Ecolab also offers a variety of pack sizes to help make efficient choices and reduce waste
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Global Availability & Expertise
  • When working with Ecolab, you can be confident in maintaining consistent supply for all cleaning needs at your facilities around the globe
  • Our experts can provide direction on best usage of wipes to help reduce compliance concerns

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Ordering Information

Klerwipe 70 | 30 IPA (WFI) 100% Polyester 200x200 (10 wipes per pouch) Triple bag
NEW Klerwipe 70 | 30 IPA (DI) 100% Polyester 300x300 (30 wipes per pouch) Double bag
Klerwipe 70 | 30 IPA (DI) Polyester/cellulose mix 200x200 (15 wipes per pouch) Double bag
Klerwipe 70 | 30 IPA Non-Sterile (DI) Polyester/cellulose mix 200x200 (30 wipes per pouch) Single bag
Klerwipe 70 | 30 IPA Non-Sterile (DI) 100% Polyester 200x200 (75 wipes per pouch) Single bag

The Complete Package

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