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Zeolite raw materials

Nalco Water provides colloidal silica and alumino-silicate products with high activity, low alkali metal content, high solid content and low hazards that are ideal raw materials for zeolite production. 

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More about Zeolite raw materials

Al and Si bonding at the molecular level under various conditions allows for a tunable conformation of the zeolite components leading to:

  • Faster crystallization
  • Controlled morphology
  • High crystallinity
  • Improved yield
  • Reduced SDA usage
  • Tunable SAR
  • Microporosity consistent with theoretical standards
Nalco Water has developed an aluminum precursor for zeolite synthesis that is free of halide and sulfate. The product enables a corrosion free crystallization environment with high basicity, eliminating the need for excess sodium and Structure Directing Agent (SDA), and leading to higher phase purity. The aluminum precursor is available in liquid or solid forms containing 14% and 44% Al2O3 respectively. 

For customers with interest in our colloidal silica products, please contact the Colloidal Technologies Group directly at CTGmarketing@ecolab.com for assistance.