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Navigator™ Technology

Nalco Water’s Navigator Technology helps many tissue makers take their operation to new heights. The comprehensive adhesive modifier and release offering provides the flexibility for the entire spectrum of manufacturers. From conventional to structured, with varied environments, from professional to ultra-premium, to pursue what matters most to them – higher production, higher quality and lower cost.


  • Improves adhesion to allow increased speed and softness generation
  • Improves balance between durability and re-wettability
  • Improves flexibility to pursue a diverse and changing grade structure
  • Improves dryer protection and blade life
  • Reduces tendency for edge buildup and associated issues

Navigator Coating Package Helps Deliver 10 Percent Production Increase to TAD Manufacturer

The combination of higher speed and reduced downtime translated to a 10 + percent increase in productivity on the machine. In addition to increase tonnage output, the customer was able to address their softness shortcomings.


Customer Success Story

A tissue and towel producer simplified their Yankee Coating and Release Programme while increasing productivity and profitability.