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UltraFab vent gas treatment systems are simple to install and operate, effectively preventing H2S emissions to ensure a safer worksite. These solutions remove H2S from low pressure vent gas sources with concentrations ranging from a few ppm to more than 20%. They can be configured for use in a variety of settings. Their size and portability make them ideal in applications ranging from vacuum trucks and truck loading stations emitting sour gas to short-term use during plant turnarounds. UltraFab vent gas solutions effectively treat sour pig traps, storage tanks containing sour water or oil, and many other sources of sour or fugitive emissions.

Vapor Recovery Unit (VRU)

Meet emissions requirements in any low-pressure system with our vent gas H2S removal systems, which can be either trailer-mounted or fixed. We also offer custom conditioning systems to meet your specific requirements.


Our proven, reliable systems safely remove H2S from tank farms, including produced water tanks. Meet your emissions requirements with our cost-effective vent gas scrubber systems.


Safety is always your top priority. Our vent gas systems remove vented H2S from truck loading stations, keeping personnel safe.