Glycerine Organice 200L drum


Organic Udder Health Solutions

Emollient and skin conditioner. Glycerine organic aids in the recovery of cracked and chapped teats and can be added to your Hibitane Organic or Teat Guard 2 teat spray solution when additional teat condition is needed or weather conditions require.

About This Product


  • Liquid form
  • High strength premium emollient
  • Approved Organic1
  • ACVM Approved registered pursuant to the ACVM Act 1997. NO. A11539


  • Ensures it is easy to use
  • Aids in teat and skin conditioning
  • Provides assurance of safety and efficacy

1 REGISTERED PURSUANT TO THE ACVM ACT 1997. NO. A011539 Approved by AsureQuality for use on organic farms certified to Ministry for Primary Industries Official Organic Assurance Programme: Technical Rules and USDA National Organic Programme. Refer to product label for complete usage, safety and product information before use.

Item Product Description Pack Size Qty per
7303075 Glycerine 20L 1
7303076 Glycerine 100L 1
7303077 Glycerine 200L 1
7303078 Glycerine 1,000L 1