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Wastewater Treatment

Wastewater treatment is a process unit demanding as much attention and need for integrated solutions as all other process units in your operation. If you think about it, there are not many other processes that have so much variability in the input, yet a consistent, high quality output is required. Nalco Champion offers a number of tools to efficiently analyse, evaluate, and treat your entire wastewater operation from primary treatment to discharge.

Wastewater Treatment

Nalco Champion understands that the wastewater treatment plant is affected by upstream processes.  More specifically, with respect to unconventional crude, Nalco Champion understands that the wastewater treatment plant is impacted by the same contaminants that challenge refinery operation.   The key to mitigating the effect of these contaminants to the wastewater treatment plant is having a thorough understanding of the system and developing unique and innovative solutions to help you maintain environmental compliance while improving plant profitability. 

Nalco Champion understands that effective primary wastewater treatment is critical to your plant operations, whether you are discharging directly to a municipal wastewater treatment system or treating prior to your own biological wastewater treatment system. By optimizing the mechanical, operational and chemical aspects of your wastewater treatment plant Nalco Champion will improve reliability, minimise overall costs and maximise your return on investment.

The aeration basin is the heart of your biological treatment system, and maintaining aeration basin health is critical to meeting plant discharge limits and maximising plant production. Nalco Champion has a full line of analytical services and bioaugmentation products designed to meet your most demanding needs and improve your bottom line results.

Our programmes typically focus on the following and can help you with:

  • Improving overall plant economics
  • Optimizing equipment efficiency
  • Addressing compliance issues
  • Increasing operator capabilities and effectiveness

Wastewater Programmes, Products, Equipment and Services

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