A Letter from the Chairman and CEO

Reflections on Ecolab's sustainability impact.

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A Message From Our Chairman

As environmental and economic concerns align, change accelerates. Companies are rethinking the way they work to adapt to growing natural resource constraints and increasing costs. Mindsets and practices are shifting from linear resource use to circular resource management, from simple conservation to sophisticated reuse. The collective impact of these mindful actions is exponential, for both business and the world.

With global factors making the need for sustainable business increasingly urgent, it is evident that we can Do Better Together. 

Ecolab is proud to be a collaborative behind-the-scenes partner in this movement, helping customers at more than 1 million locations around the world find new ways — big and small — to achieve their business goals, deliver on customer expectations and at the same time, reduce their reliance on the world’s limited natural resources. In 2016, we helped customers conserve more than 161 billion gallons of water, save 11 trillion BTUs of energy and eliminate 52 million pounds of waste.

Our team is at the heart of how we serve our customers and the greater good: 25,000 highly trained service experts, supported by one of the strongest research, development and engineering forces in the world. Together, they are dedicated to delivering on customer needs and they share a personal commitment to making the world cleaner, safer and healthier.

Innovation has always been central to the value we bring, and that remains true today. But now, more than ever before, we are leveraging digital capabilities to expand the reach and impact of our solutions. Through connected technology and data-driven insight, our ability to help customers understand their operations better and reliably do more with less is even greater.

Sustainability is core to Ecolab’s purpose. From partnering with our customers to achieve their goals, to leveraging our expertise to preserve fresh water and reduce energy use and waste around the world, to the performance of our own operations, we know there is always more we can do to deliver sustainable impact. And that’s what makes every day an opportunity to accelerate the positive momentum that is advancing business growth and moving us all to a better world. This journey to transform business sustainably is one we are all on together. Thank you for joining us.


Douglas M. Baker, Jr.
Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer