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3D TRASAR™ Technology for Boilers

3D TRASAR™ Technology for boilers can be used to optimise boilers operating from low to high pressures and for systems using zeolite softened to high purity feedwater. The programme uses patented TRASAR™ fluorescence chemistries for boiler scale and preboiler corrosion control to detect system risk and variation. 3D TRASAR boiler technology can also help save energy by maximising the boiler water cycles of concentration through automated boiler blowdown control to manage the blowdown water conductivity. Condensate return systems can also be managed by continuous online monitoring of conductivity and pH through this 3D TRASAR™ technology. 

Boiler Water Automation and Control

Industry-leading 3D TRASAR™ technology DETECTS changing process parameters and stresses, DETERMINES corrective actions, and DELIVERS exact amounts of chemistry to maintain optimum system control. 3D TRASAR boiler automation delivers value by improving boiler reliability, optimizing energy and water usage, reducing greenhouse gasses and reducing the total cost of operation.

Variables like boiler feedwater quality, chemical treatment programmes, contamination events and operational factors significantly affect the total system performance of your unique steam system. These variables often cause system stresses that manifest themselves as costly operational problems, including pre-boiler corrosion and economizer failures, boiler tube scale, boiler carryover, and fouling of critical downstream equipment such as turbines.

Our proprietary 3D TRASAR technology detects systems variation and determines and delivers the correct programme dosage. 

Core Benefits of 3D TRASAR™ Boiler Technology

3D TRASAR Pre-Boiler Corrosion Control

  • Minimizes pre-boiler corrosion, resulting in optimum asset life

  • Detects and reacts to the condition inside the pre-boiler system under actual operating temperature and pressures, allowing 3D

  • TRASAR technology to deliver superior boiler system performance

  • The Nalco Corrosion Stress Monitor (NCSM) detects changes in oxidation reduction stress, determines the corrective action and responds in real-time by changing the oxygen scavenger or metal passivator feed rate to protect the system 

3D TRASAR Internal Treatment Control

  • Industry standard for monitoring and control that delivers truly measureable results

  • Multi-sensor technology with advanced treatment chemistries

  • Scaling or corrosive upsets automatically trigger control actions that bring the system back to safe operating parameters, maintaining clean boiler tubes 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

3D TRASAR Boiler Cycle Management

  • Optimizes and controls boiler blowdown

  • Increases heat transfer efficiency

  • Reduces energy requirements

  • Increases water reuse

  • Ensures asset protection

  • Improves fuel efficiency

3D TRASAR Information Management

  • Web accessibility and easy reporting capabilities in one, easy-to-install package

  • Incorporates data-driven processes for ongoing improvement

  • Continuously monitors system parameters, which can be analyzed from the control room (DCS), online or by downloading to a laptop computer

At Nalco Champion, we continually customize and upgrade our technology to ensure you realize optimum system control.

Boiler Technology Programme Brochure

Nalco Champion offers the most comprehensive, industry-leading approach in understanding and analyzing boiler systems, and accurately identifying improvement opportunities to increase competitive advantage. Through our extensive knowledge of the boiler feedwater systems, we know that boiler reliability is critical in the success of refinery operations and are focused on driving boiler system productivity, reliability, and cost savings.