Deepwater and Ultra-Deepwater

Nalco Champion’s integrated team model provides unmatched onsite support to deepwater operations around the world. Local technical support. Regional product line, application and field support. A global network of leading scientists and researchers. Together, we begin at your project’s beginning. From drilling, cementing and stimulation, we reduce CAPEX spend and OPEX cost while enhancing production recovery rates.
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Deepwater Flow Assurance

Flow Assurance is particularly challenging in deepwater and ultra-deepwater operations, where high temperatures and high pressure (HTHP) can intensify hydrate and asphaltene formation and viscosity issues. Our SurFlo Plus™ certified chemistries remain stable in these environments and meet the industry's highest quality standards. Mitigate the risk of compromised chemistry effectiveness that could lead to operational failures with our predictive modeling and custom formulations.